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The church with identity and purpose in Christ

Posted by on Oct 16, 2008 in blog links, definition | Comments Off on The church with identity and purpose in Christ

Joel at “the double edged sword” asks, “The Church, Who is She?” He says that the church should find its identity and purpose in Christ. With this foundation, Joel makes several statements about how the church would look and act if Christ was her identity and purpose. Here are a few of my favorites:

She would not need t-shirts, bumper stickers and Christian propaganda to promote a message for Her or declare Her identity. She would be the message. She would be the sign pointing to Jesus.

She would love others more than Herself. She would share all that She has with others, with nothing expected in return. Her supply comes from Her LORD.

She wouldn’t care about how you look, who you are or what you can do for Her. All would have value because all are created in God’s image, and that is enough. She is accepting.

She would be unified under the authority of the LORD, with no interest or desire to hold any positions or titles that belong to Christ alone, for He alone is the Head of the Body.

Read the remainder of Joel’s post. It is a great call for the church to be the church of God.