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Blog Action Day Reminder – Poverty

Posted by on Oct 13, 2008 in blog links, love, service | 1 comment

Blog Action Day Reminder – Poverty

Wednesday, October 15, is Blog Action Day 2008. On that day, thousands of bloggers will write about the topic of “Poverty”. Currently, over 8000 bloggers are signed up to take part. If you have a blog, why not click the banner below, sign up, and take part in this event.

God is teaching me alot about working with the poor. However, if I wrote last year, I would have had to admit that I had very little experience dealing with true poverty. Why? Because I never spent time with anyone who was poor. Now, by God’s grace, I have several friends who are poor. I do not say “By God’s grace” flippantly. I mean it. Because I’ve learned more from these new friends than they’ve learned from me.

But, if you are like I was last year, and if you have very little or no experience working with the poor, then write about that. Let this be a starting point, much like I wrote about a starting point last year in a post called “Bursting the Christian Bubble“.

Are any of my readers planning to take part in Blog Action Day 2008?

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  1. 10-13-2008

    Okay, I’m in. 🙂