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New URL, New Look, Same Blog

Posted by on Sep 9, 2008 in personal | 6 comments

So, I’ve finally updated my blog template, and I’ve finally switched over to my own domain.

I prefer a dark background with light text, but I could not find a dark background template that I liked – and I didn’t want to spend the time to design one from scratch. I’m still making slight adjustments to this template, so please let me know if something is hard to read – especially the sidebars.

I’ve changed my “blog roll” to the blogger widget on the left. If I left out your blog, it is an oversight, not intentional. Please let me know, and I’ll add your blog.

My new address is However, the old address ( will redirect to the new address. If you have any problems, please let me know that also.

Finally, I did not change my blog feed. I still use a feedburner feed, and the address is still


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  1. 9-9-2008

    Looks good!

    BTW, glad you are recovering. I have prayed for you and am especially happy that your vision will not be affected long-term.

  2. 9-9-2008

    Alan, love it if you would add my blog to your blog roll.

  3. 9-9-2008


    Thank you… and thank you for the prayer!


    Yes, I’ve added your blog. Sorry for overlooking it before.


  4. 9-9-2008

    Prof. Knox

    I like the new blog layout.



  5. 9-10-2008

    I like the new blog layout. The old dark background was hard for me to read. I had to “select all” to read it dark on white!

  6. 9-10-2008


    I’m glad this design works better for you.