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Maturity again…

Posted by on Sep 18, 2008 in discipleship, love, synchroblog | 1 comment

I really enjoyed the synchroblog yesterday on the topic of maturity (see “Maturity and Education“). I thought I would share some of my favorite quotes from some of the authors:

“i think if i was summing spiritual maturity i’d say it’s “moving toward a more and more undivided life.” that what’s on the inside is on the outside. it’s giving up comfort & control. it’s living in the tension of Jesus ways & ours ways & asking help to tilt more toward his.” – Kathy Escobar

“It doesn’t mean that we don’t still disagree; it means it doesn’t matter that we disagree, it doesn’t change that we are family.” – Erin Word

When my Grandma Verna who lived to be 103 and was a true elder, turned 99, I asked her the question that I’d asked her every year on her birthday for as long as I’d been an adult: ‘Gram, what did you learn this year?’ She said, without hesitation, ‘I had to re-think my theology again this year. I always thought that it was my job to worry and pray and try to keep all of you (her extended family) on the straight and narrow path to heaven. Now I know that all I have to do is love you. That’s all I have to do!’ – Beth Patterson

“If someone still spends more time complaining about their circumstances than being thankful, edifying and joy-filled in their speech, then there’s good evidence that an infantile faith remains. It demonstrates that we have forgotten (or fail to believe fully) that God is loving us, blessing us, and taking care of us.” – Bryan Riley

“In stark contrast to the typical haphazard lifestyle most people embrace, maturity is taking pleasure in each sphere of relationship while making intentional choices for the betterment of each.” – Joe Miller

“And when I surrendered to being loved, I realized a startling truth. Love would change me from the inside. And the more I received His love the more I could reflect that love to the world around me. And the cool thing was there was no law against love.” – Jonathan Brink

There were other great blog posts. Take the time to read them all. Also, think about joining the synchroblog next month. Read Phil’s post “What is a synchroblog?” for more information and for a link to the page where you can join the synchroblog.

So, what is maturity?

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  1. 9-19-2008

    Wow – I’m quoted. Thanks. But even better, this is a great synopsis of the synchroblog and a great idea on your part.