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Continuing discussion of peace

Posted by on Sep 4, 2008 in blog links, chain blog | 4 comments

Last week, I started a chain blog on the topic of peace (“Peace – A Chain Blog“). While this topic hasn’t taken off as fast as the previous chain blog (“City Church – A Chain Blog“), there are now three posts on the topic of peace. Here are the posts so far:

Link 1: “Peace – A Chain Blog” by Alan Knox
Link 2: “Peace – A Chain Blog” by Joe (J.R.) Miller
Link 3: “For Peace Sake” by Chris Dryden
Link 4: ?

If you would like to take part in this chain blog on the topic of peace, go to Chris’ post and leave a comment.


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  1. 9-4-2008

    I too am a bit dissapointed that we have not had more contributions. I think the topic is great and the has the potential for some great posts.

    come on folks!!! Join in!!!

  2. 9-4-2008

    I signed on for the next one Joe. It will be called “A Restoration of Peace in the Second Advent of Christ”. Should be fun.

  3. 9-5-2008

    Joe (JR),

    I agree that this could be a very valuable discussion. I hope several people decide to take part in this chain blog.


    Thank you! I’m looking forward to your post.


  4. 9-6-2008