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Breaking bread and a wordle

Posted by on Aug 14, 2008 in blog links, ordinances/sacraments | Comments Off on Breaking bread and a wordle

Jeff, from “Until All Have Heard“, has written an excellent post about the Lord’s Supper called “After Supper He Took The Cup“. In his article, Jeff argues (and I agree) that the phrase “break bread” signifies a meal, not just the breaking and passing of bread. In relation to understanding this and other phrases in the New Testament, Jeff says:

Secondly, I think we just don’t understand the biblical metaphor for “breaking bread” well enough. It is a custom that the Western world has little or no comparison to.

When my family first went to live in the tiny little country of Tajikistan as missionaries in 2000, we were soon offered the delight of eating a meal with a local Tajik family. What we witnessed that day changed our lives forever.

As we sat on the floor on a beautiful rug we, waiting for a huge meal, the man of the family took a loaf of flat bread and broke it and passed it around to each of us sitting there! It was his way of welcoming us to his house and his way of expressing that he will provide for us. Anything that he could offer was ours!

I immediately said to myself, “This is what Jesus did! Yet I am experiencing it first hand in a Muslim home completely cut off from the Gospel.”

Jeff, this is an excellent explanation. But, if we tried to understand and do everything that Scripture says about the church, don’t you realize that we would have to change almost everything? 🙂

Also, many bloggers have created wordles of their blogs. A wordle is a visual representation of the rate words are used in a text – a blog in this instance. I’ve tried to create wordles for my blog before, but since my topics change from week to week, the wordles never seemed to catch the complete nature of my blog. So, I created a wordle from my last 500 posts (the maximum allowed by Blogger). If you’re interested, click the following link for a visual representation of the words used at this blog: Wordle of The Assembling of the Church.