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Beach and Biblical Theology

Posted by on Aug 27, 2008 in blog links, gathering | 1 comment

So, last Sunday, we spent the day at the beach with the church. We had a great time! But, six hours was probably too long to be in the sun, surf, and sand. If you’re interested, I’ve posted some pictures of our beach trip at our family blog in a post called “Beach trip with the church“. Unfortunately, we did not take pictures at Sticky Fingers (a rib restaurant) where our family and a few friends ate after leaving the beach.

The major field of study for my PhD degree is biblical theology. There is a new blog dedicated to biblical theology called, appropriately enough, “Biblical Theology“. There are several contributors to this blog including T. Desmond Alexander, Michael Bird, Stephen Dempster, and James Hamilton. Michael Bird has written two excellent introductory articles called “Biblical Theology – A Definition” and “Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology“. If you’re interested in learning more about biblical theology, these articles and this blog would be a good place to start.

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  1. 8-28-2008


    Those pictures are lovely brother. I am also reading through a couple of Biblical Theology works. That usually doesn’t go well in a highly dispensational church LOL.

    But my greatest reason for responding was as I looked at the volleybally picture you had a bunch of dirt on your shirt and correct me if I am wrong it looked like it spelled “Braves”. Ugghh, that was scarey!