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Living in the change

Posted by on Jul 12, 2008 in discipleship, love | 1 comment

In my previous post – “What is God doing?” – I said that God was teaching me to love people who are different than me. It is interesting that in the comments Mark mentioned actions and Mary mentioned listening. Both of these are part of what God is doing in my life – and I’m living in the change now.

For example, today I took the opportunity to be around people who are different than me – that required action. Primarily, I listened to what they had to say about what was going on in their lives.

I listened to one lady wonder if it was okay that she asked God why her two sons died while they were in their twenties. I listened to a young man ask if God was mad at him because of his tattoos. I listened to another lady wonder if God was going to heal her of cancer since she claimed his healing.

Acting and listening are a big part of how God is teaching me to love people who are different than me.

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  1. 7-13-2008

    You know Alan, in my limited ministry experience I found that people really just want someone to listen to what they’re going through. There was a lady who had a prodigal son who would talk to me about her efforts to bring him back into her life. She would always say she knew God had brought me into her life to get her through this trial…all I did was listen and care about her pain.