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Family love

Posted by on Jul 19, 2008 in community, fellowship, love | 2 comments

I’m very proud of Margaret (my wife) and my children. They have given of themselves in order to love others this week so many times that it has been very challenging and very encouraging to me.

On Monday morning, they joined some friends at a nursing home to love on some of the residents. Besides reading and singing with them, they also spent time talking individually with many of the men and women.

On Monday evening, they rode with me and some friends two hours south of our house to love on a young couple because the husband’s grandmother had passed away. This couple is very special to us, and we are so thankful to God for this new relationship.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, they kept the three year old son of a friend while she was having tests run. On Wednesday, while they were keeping this precious boy, they also kept the daughter of some of our friends so the wife could visit a friend in the hospital.

On Saturday (the day this is scheduled to be published), my family is planning to spend time serving in a friend’s neighborhood, then they are planning to keep the children of some friends so that they can work on their house.

I’ve told Margaret how much their service has encouraged me. She acted like their service was “no big deal”. I don’t think she sees it as service, since she was caring for family. But, I think that’s awesome! That is what it means to see the church as a family.

I’m not suggesting that Margaret, Jeremy, and Miranda are the only believers that I know who are serving. In fact, that would be far from the truth. God has placed us with a group of brothers and sisters who spend time with one another and care for one another. Again… we recognize that we are family, and we actually treat one another as family. “Family” is more than a title for us… it is a call to love and action.


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