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Deacon and Usher and Pastor

Posted by on Jul 6, 2008 in blog links, elders, office | 1 comment

As most of my long-time readers know, I love satire. I recently ran across the blog “Deacon and Usher’s Weblog“, which chronicles the discussion of two buzzards – a deacon and an usher – I kid you not. Their latest post is called “Traditional Title of Pastor or Real Titles?” In this post, the two birds discuss titles for their pastor, if they used titles which demonstrated his actual job function. These were Usher’s suggestions:

Chief guilt officer, Chief alter caller, Chief wine and bread steward, Chief Membership Pusher, Chief Building Fund Persuader, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Delegator, Chief Manipulator, Chief divorce counselor, Chief curriculum chooser, Chief Finanacial Officer, Chief Idealist (keep the member) officer

hmmm… are the two buzzards suggesting that some “Pastors” don’t actually shepherd?

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  1. 7-7-2008


    Who better to comment than someone with a bird’s-eye-view.

    I think in many cases the buzzards are right on track