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Conversations at "Black and Reformed Ministries"

Posted by on Jul 3, 2008 in blog links, edification, gathering | 2 comments

In spite of my recent confession that I am not black, I have received a warm welcome by the contributors and commenters over at “Black and Reformed Ministries“. Some of you may have noticed that one of the contributors, Lionel, has been commenting on my blog as well.

I’ve particularly enjoyed Lionel’s last two posts: “Brothers, if you have any word of encouragement for the people, say it” and “Prophecy, Prayer, Women, and Teaching“. In these two posts, Lionel deals with issues concerning the meeting of the church – one of my interests, as most of my readers know.

I especially appreciate how Lionel is trying to consider all of the passages dealing with speaking during the church meeting. I’ve noticed that in most systematic theologies – and in most practices – some passages of Scripture are emphasized while others are de-emphasized or completely ignored. This seems dangerous and self-serving to me.

I think you will enjoy the conversation over at “Black and Reformed Ministries” – even if you aren’t black… or reformed.


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  1. 7-3-2008

    Thank you for the kind words Sir. You know what is funny? I was afraid to question the “establishment”. Because I didn’t want to be an outsider or I didn’t want to be grouped by those who I respect or those who respect those I respect, but the more I study the scriptures (on my own or better yet apart from theologian influence) I realize that I must question what I believe if I am going to be genuine and really trust the work of the Spirit.

    My greatest desire is to live out Epehesians 4:1-17 as I go through this time of questioning.

  2. 7-3-2008


    It seems from Scripture that God always allows questions. He doesn’t always answer them the way we want him to, but he does allow questions. Now, unfortunately, some of the “establishment” (as you called them) do not like questions, but that’s a different story.

    I think Ephesians 4:1-17 is a great passage for the church and individual believers.