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Church Family?

Posted by on Jul 5, 2008 in love, service | 5 comments

I met a very nice lady today. She’s a neighbor of a friend of mine. They both live in government subsidized housing. The lady that I met has cancer on her ear. The doctors want to do a skin graft, but she has to stop smoking first. So, she’s struggling both with cancer and with smoking.

I asked her if she had a church family. She told me that she “went to church” with a local church “when she could”. I asked her if they took care of her. She said, “I like the church very much”. I responded, “I’m glad. Are they visiting you and helping you with things around your house.” She said, “No. They never visit. But, the pastor calls me occasionally.”

Why is this kind of behavior acceptable among believers? Why do we call ourselves the church of God and not take care of one another, especially those who are hurting, lonely, and in need? Why do we call ourselves a church family and not treat one another like brothers and sisters? Are we just pretending?


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  1. 7-5-2008

    Alan, I totally share your sentiments. I’ve experienced first hand too many times how church “family” neglects to care for one another. However, I want to encourage you that some parts of the Body are acting like family. Katie and I experienced it some in Raleigh, and we have been very blessed here in Georgia. When I was sick last month in the hospital, members of the group we assemble with fed us and cared for our child. “church” finally feels like a family here. I pray that more believers would have the opportunity to experience God’s family and participate in taking that experience to others.

  2. 7-5-2008

    i struggle with that question.


    i can not type what i want – because of tracking …

    i may shoot you something a little later byemail

  3. 7-5-2008

    Pretending may even be gracious. Lord forgive us for overlooking those in need of a tangible Saviour that resides within us.

  4. 7-5-2008


    It is very sad (for each of us) that we prepare more for “service” but not service! It is funny that James says “go and be well fed” instead of going and feeding and caring, and loving. Shouldn’t the greatest servant (the pastors) set the tone for this? It isn’t like they are ignorant. But I am in a glass castle my friend. Some or even most time I would rather have my rest, read a good theological work or even pray (I think this is really what James was conveying) than meeting and caring for the needs of others. Because it is easier to ignore than it is to empty my life as my Savior did. Hard words from one who has failed tremendously in this area. Pray that God will convict me more and my foot would move faster than my mouth.

  5. 7-5-2008


    Yes, there are exceptions. But, for the most part, the church is known more for arguing and standing against things than for serving people. I think this is generally true on both a corporate and an individual level.


    I’m struggling along with you.


    That has been part of my praying recently.


    I’ll pray for you as I pray for myself and others that I know. Its good that we recognize the problem and ask God to do his work in us… now, let’s serve.