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Why focus on relationship?

Posted by on May 24, 2008 in community, fellowship | 11 comments

So, why should we focus on relationship? Why should we give up our personal time getting to know and serving others? Why should we spend more time with people than we spend planning our meetings and programs? Why should people be so important to us?

1. God wants us to love him with our whole being (which involves a relationship with him).

2. If we don’t love others, then we do not love God.

3. What else, according to Scripture, depends upon relationship? edification, discipleship, evangelism, giving, discipline, teaching, Spirit-led life.

Are there other reasons that we should focus on relationship? Are there reasons that we should not focus on relationship?


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  1. 5-24-2008

    Because relationship is the very core of Christianity itself. Christ died to restore the relationship between creator and creation. The planning, meetings and programs are our feeble attempts to enhance the primary function and reason for the church…building relationships, serving and loving one another.

  2. 5-24-2008


    Yes. Relationship is the very core of following Christ. How do we keep the planning, meetings, and programs from taking the place of relationship?


  3. 5-24-2008

    As Brandon said relationship is the very core of Christianity itself. If we are constantly growing deeper in our relationship to Jesus then I beleive all other things including other relationships will inevitably fall into place. That’s not to say that it will not take some effort, because it will. But, if we have a right relationship to Jesus Christ then our willingness to respond to Him increases. This also includes having a right relationship to God’s people.

    Another reason why relationships are important is so that we can function as the Body of Christ. This falls directly inline with living a Spirit-led life. When the Body of Christ functions properly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, then His Body is operating as it should. As this world continues to get darker this is ever increasingly more important.


  4. 5-25-2008

    I think it’s as simple as keeping relationships as the priority of our purpose. Not running churches. Even if this means sacrificing the functions of the “machine”. It’s very easy to let the church run the people rather than equipping the people to be the Church.

    This would take a paradigm shift in the thought processes of most church leaders.

  5. 5-25-2008

    Why focus on relationship?

    Because that is a reflection of the nature of God. He is relational, and as His people, we are conformed to His likeness.

  6. 5-25-2008

    Gary (Lightbearer),

    Yes. John told us that if we don’t love others (that is, if we don’t demonstrate our love for others), then the love of God is not in us. That’s very strong language that shows how important relationship is. I also agree that relationship is extremely important in the Spirit-led life and in living as light in a dark (and growing darker) world.


    Yep. But, its so much easier to oil the machine (do what we’re doing better). It is very difficult, on the other hand, to foster relationships.


    As we relate to others, we are reflecting the nature of God… That’s an awesome thought.


  7. 5-26-2008

    Satan sure works hard to end relationships.

  8. 5-26-2008


    Yes, he does.


  9. 5-26-2008

    satan plays a role for sure. I would also say that the flesh does a pretty effective job of ending relationships too. According to Galatians 5, the fruit of the flesh is immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness and carousing.

    Left unchecked, that’s enough to kill any relationship.

  10. 5-27-2008


    Yes, absolutely! The fruit of the flesh are certainly kill – or at least, wound – relationship.


  11. 5-28-2008

    This is great advice as I have taken too much time lately in learning the Japanese language instead of hanging out with my fellow teammates;l keep it up!