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What God did, or what he does?

Posted by on May 14, 2008 in blog links | 5 comments

Brandon from “Eleutheros” has written a very poignant post called “Sacrifice for what’s real“. After talking about his desire to see the church being “a lighthouse to the community”, he reminds us of the scriptural account of John the Baptist’s followers coming to Jesus. They asked Jesus if he was the one, or should they wait for another. Jesus responded by reminding them of Scripture and the things that he had done. Here is Brandon’s conclusion:

It’s interesting that Jesus answers with scripture but He also tells the disciples to tell John what they themselves have seen and heard. I want to be a part of a church that is firmly grounded in the word of God with a knowledge of the scriptures and discipleship at its core. But that alone is not adequate. I’m not interested in a simply cognitive faith, and that alone will not sell to the next generation or radically change lives either. While it’s vital that we be grounded by the word of God, we must live out His word experientially day by day. Otherwise the bible is just a history book of what God did…not what He does.

I love that paragraph! It reminds me of the importance of both teaching and living rightly.

I also appreciate that last question, and I wonder if I’ve spent more time viewing Scripture as a history of what God did, or a reminder of what God does.


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  1. 5-14-2008

    That question has been bugging me for some time too. In student ministry I’ve come to discover that this generation, though intrigued by what God has done, is more interested in what He can do. Not that they’re looking to “get something” from God…they just want to know that He’s still the same today as He was when His book was written. They’re interested in what’s real. Fortunately, some of them have been able to experience how real God still is in some of our house church meetings. A 12th grade girl with advanced MS asked for prayer. A group of girls laid hands on her and prayed over her and she was completely healed. Her doctor was baffled and those girl’s lives were changed forever.

    Thanks for the post Alan!

  2. 5-14-2008


    Wow! Awesome story and follow-up to my comment on your post. Thank you!


  3. 5-15-2008

    This post has actually given me some direction for Jon brinks syncroblog next week…
    Are we participating in God’s mission, or telling people about what God already did in the past?

    Thanks for the insight.

  4. 5-15-2008


    Great idea! I’m looking forward to reading your post.


  5. 5-15-2008

    Same here Tim…look forward to your insights!