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Please pray for my mother

Posted by on May 21, 2008 in personal | 17 comments

We just heard from my Dad that there is something wrong with my Mother. He is working in Alabama, and she is at their home in the Atlanta area. When he called her this morning, he said that she was incoherent. He called the police, and when the police responded, they called the ambulance. My dad is currently on the way to Atlanta, but he hopes to talk to the EMT’s from the ambulance soon. We don’t know anything more than this.

We would appreciate your prayers.


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  1. 5-21-2008

    I have, I am, and I will.

    God’s Glory,

  2. 5-21-2008


  3. 5-21-2008

    Our Lord sent His disciples into the tempest but He went with them into the midst of it. Alan, though you feel tossed before the gale, He has not forgotten you. “Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.”

    My love and prayers are with you, your mother, and your family.

  4. 5-21-2008


  5. 5-21-2008


  6. 5-21-2008


    I am, and will continue, praying for you, your mother, and your family.


  7. 5-21-2008

    Praying for your mother, father, you and your family.


  8. 5-21-2008

    praying right now

  9. 5-21-2008

    Praying for your mom, your family, and you, bro.

    God’s peace and presence be with you.

  10. 5-21-2008

    praying for all of you…


  11. 5-21-2008

    I will be praying.

  12. 5-21-2008

    Praying … please let us know if there is anything we can do from here …


  13. 5-21-2008


    I am lifting you and your loved ones before the Father during this difficult time.


  14. 5-21-2008


    We’re praying.

  15. 5-21-2008

    Prayers going up now. God Bless

  16. 5-21-2008


    Thank you for your prayers and your word of encouragement. God used them to help me and my family.


  17. 5-21-2008

    “Father, I pray you would bring complete and total healing to Alan’s mom. Let your Spirit bring peace and comfort to the whole family at this time. Thank you Daddy! Amen”