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More "thoughts" on discipleship

Posted by on May 9, 2008 in blog links, discipleship | 4 comments

Bill at “Provocative Church” quotes a friend of his and gives us “Thoughts on discipleship that make you go ‘hmm’…“. Here are the main points, though the further explanation is worth reading:

Information doesn’t guarantee transformation.
Never equate longevity with maturity.
The measurement of discipleship is obedience.
Personal charisma doesn’t guarantee transformation.
Disciples aren’t made effectively in classes.

Okay… I’ll just be honest… I know very few people who I would say are actively involved in being discipled and making disciples. I know many people who are taking part in classes and seeking education. But, I know very few disciples.


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  1. 5-9-2008

    maybe you are hangin’ out with the wrong people 🙂

  2. 5-9-2008


    Perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to make this post so short. I hang out with many people who are both disciples and disciple-makers.


  3. 5-9-2008

    you were fine… I was just having a bit of fun with what is actually a very serious post. Maybe that did not come across so well even with my little smiley face.

  4. 5-9-2008


    Thanks for clarifying. I enjoy a “bit of fun”, but actually, I didn’t see the smiley… that would have made a big difference in how I understood your comment. I agree that this is a very serious post, and I think the lack of discipleship is a very serious problem.