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Continuing discussion of church in a city

Posted by on May 28, 2008 in chain blog | Comments Off on Continuing discussion of church in a city

Charlie, from “Shanan’“, has published the second “link” in our chain blog discussion of “city church”. His post is called “City Church: Meeting“. Charlie decided to post some of his thoughts concerning the meeting of the church in a city. Please take the time to read Charlie’s post, comment there, and consider writing the next “link” in this chain blog discussion.

[UPDATE: And now David, from “Love Each Stone“, has posted the third link in the chain, which he calls “Roadblocks on the Path to City Church“.]

I’ve updated the links on the original post, but here are both links in the “city church” chain:
Link 1: “City Church – A Chain Blog” by Alan Knox
Link 2: “City Church: Meeting” by Charlie Wallace
Link 3: “Roadblocks on the Path to City Church” by David Rogers