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A Revolutionary? Who? Me?

Posted by on Apr 7, 2008 in discipleship, synchroblog | 7 comments

This post is part of a synchroblog organized by Glenn from “re-dreaming the dream” called “Revolutionaries Synchroblog“. When I first read that topic, I thought, “A revolutionary? Who? Me? I’m not a revolutionary!”

According to Wikipedia (which is quickly becoming the Great Big Book of Everything), a revolutionary is “a person who advocates or actively engages in some kind of revolution.” (Don’t you just love circular definitions?) A revolution is “a significant change that usually takes place in a short period of time.” By these definitions, am I a revolutionary? Well, let’s see how Glenn describes “revolutionaries”:

Who have been wounded through serving and separating from “church as they have known it.”

Who are feeling alone, wondering if there is something wrong with their theology, if they suffer from some personality disorder, or if they are doomed to isolation.

Who are former church leaders or staff members trying to find a new sense of direction.

Who eventually want to return to community and fellowship, but not get mired down in the system they left behind.

Who long for a faith community that is vibrant, accepting, and real, that joins in God’s kingdom in practical ways where they live and beyond.

Well, I have not been wounded by the church, though, like all people, I have been hurt by the actions or attitudes of others. I do not feel alone, because God has surrounded me by a great family and wonderful friends. I am not attempting to find a new sense of direction. I do not feel mired down by a system – not usually.

However, the last definition definitely fits me: “I long for a faith community that is vibrant, accepting, real, that joins in God’s kingdom in practical ways where they live and beyond”. As I’m longing for this faith community, I also see God forming this faith community among those believers that he’s brought me into contact. In other words, I long for something that God is already doing in my life and the lives of the people around me.

In that sense, I am not “advocating or actively engaged in” a significant change. So, what am I involved in? I am not trying to change the church so that it looks more like my idea of the church. So, what am I involved it? I am involved in trying to follow Jesus Christ – to walk in the Spirit – to please God by my life. This life, by definition and by passion, causes me to interact with the people around me, and I do desire to see us grow together in maturity toward Jesus Christ. So, perhaps that is the “revolutionary” change.

Some have said that I’m a rebel… or radical… or even an idealist. Some have suggested that I’m simply experimenting with the church. I can understand how some people would see me in this way. I don’t blame them.

But, in reality, I’m not trying to rebel against anyone or anything. I’m simply trying to live in obedience to God. Similarly, I’m not attempting to be radical; I’m not trying to live my life in the various extremes. I’m simply trying to determine what pleases God, and then live that kind of life. Also, I’m not trying to start a “church experiment”. Instead, as I study what Scripture says about the church, I actually try to live that. Perhaps it appears to be an experiment because others are not treating the church in the same manner.

So, am I a revolutionary? Perhaps… it probably depends on your perspective. However, I’m not trying to change you or anyone else. Instead, I’m trying to live as a Christ follower – a disciple. If you are a child of God, then I would love to live this life in Christ along side you.


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  1. 4-7-2008

    Alan ~ How about “self revolutionary”? As we let God change us, a revolution erupts. Thank you for your post. I appreciate your humble spirit. ~ Grace & Peace

  2. 4-7-2008


    I could swim in this sentence all day:

    I long for a faith community that is vibrant, accepting, real, that joins in God’s kingdom in practical ways where they live and beyond

    Just a Wow …

  3. 4-7-2008

    Beautiful response Alan,
    Full of wisdom, balance, and grace for others. I appreciate how you express yourself in your walk of faith.

  4. 4-7-2008

    I love what you said about “looking for something God is already doing…” because so often we get caught up in creating something new, without realizing God is always ahead of us.

    Thanks Alan.

  5. 4-8-2008


    I certainly want to let God change me. Perhaps that alone is revolutionary.


    Yeah, that was a great sentence. I wish I had written it, but its Glenn’s sentence.


    I’m learning to express myself in grace. It has not been an easy lesson to learn though… or perhaps I should say that expressing myself in the opposite of grace has not been an easy lesson to un-learn.


    Exactly. I don’t want to run into something new if God is not there. That would be no better than sticking with something old if God is not there.


  6. 4-8-2008

    hey alan, i really liked what you shared, just that you are doing what you think God is asking you to do, living out his ways with people who want some of the same things and are willing to live it out together. that is a beautiful thing.

  7. 4-8-2008


    Thanks for the comment. Like I said in the post, God has surrounded me with great friends – brothers and sisters really. He teaches me so much through them and their example of walking with Christ.