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Good questions

Posted by on Mar 18, 2008 in blog links, discipleship | 3 comments

Mary, at “One Thing Is Needed“, has asked some very good questions in a post called “When?“. Here are her questions:

When will we learn that:
~ unity is not attained by conformity?
~ the Word of God is not to be wielded as a cattle prod?
~ God loves our enemies?
~ if we have to tell people that we have authority, then we most likely don’t?
~ we know much less than we think we do?

While these are mainly rhetorical questions, I think that all followers of Jesus Christ should think about them seriously. In a comment, I added the following question to Mary’s list: When will we learn that education is not the same as discipleship?

What question(s) would you add to her list?


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  1. 3-18-2008

    **When will we realize that a seminary degree does not entitle someone to be fully supported by a church vocationally?
    **What would the church look like if everyone was as faithful as I am?

  2. 3-18-2008


    When will we learn:
    that becoming a Christian is more than intellectual assent to a few Biblical truths,or doctrines, and,
    that when God said, “a new heart”, He meant it.

  3. 3-18-2008

    Joe and Aussie John,

    Good questions! Thanks for adding to the list.