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Two Weeks

Posted by on Feb 25, 2008 in community, fellowship | Comments Off on Two Weeks

The last two weeks have been an interesting contrast. Two weeks ago, it seemed like everything that I heard was good news. Several friends called me or talked to me in person about some wonderful, exciting, positive things that were happening in their lives. It was an uplifting time that caused my spirit to soar. I praised God for those reports!

Last week, it was almost the opposite. Several friends called or talked to me in person about struggles in their lives: spiritual struggles, physical struggles, emotional struggles, financial struggles. It was a difficult time that often drained me spiritually. But, how can I do anything but praise God for these reports as well!

Yesterday was a turn around. Again, I heard some very encouraging reports about God working in people’s lives. The interesting is that several of those positive reports came from friends who were struggling the week before. Even they now recognize that God was working in spite of and in some cases through their difficulties. I thank God for friends who are willing to share their lives with us – the good news and the bad news.