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The life of a Ph.D. student

Posted by on Feb 5, 2008 in blog links | 1 comment

Dougald from “Meditations on the Law” has started a new series concerning the life of a Ph.D. student. His first post in the series is called “How to Love the Ph.D. Student in your Life“. He begins the post with this statement:

There are things that were not told to me when I joined the Ph.D. program. I was only made aware of them from some candid conversations with a few friends. Some friends who go to school here and some who don’t. This series of post are just a few things that I have observed in my first couple of weeks of being a Ph.D. student. I basically want to widen peoples perspective and view the Ph.D. from the students eyes…

Yes, there is much to learn about being a Ph.D. student – or any kind of student, really – that can only be learned by experience. My experiences have been a little different from Dougald’s, primarily because I’m married and have two children. I spend less time at the library than most Ph.D. students, opting to do most of my reading at home. Although there are more distractions while reading, the distractions are my life – not the reading.

Still, I’m looking forward to reading Dougald’s series. Since he plans to speak to those who are not students as well as to those who are students, who knows, you may find something useful in his posts as well.

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  1. 2-5-2008


    Thanks for the highligh! 🙂

    I do plan on discussing some of those things related to the interruptions while studying in my next post. I’ve already found the way one handle’s those will change the way they feel if they feel alienated.

    I look forward to discussing things in class with you.

    Through Christ,