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Top Referring Sites of 2007

Posted by on Jan 2, 2008 in blog links | 6 comments

I love the community aspect of blogging. When I read another blog post, I try to visit some of the blogs to which that author links. I also appreciate the fact that many of my readers come to this blog through other blogs. I want to take this opportunity to say “Thank you!” to the top referring blogs from last year:

Dave Black Online
Jeremiah 30:2 (Jeff)
Hammer and Nail (Eric)
Theological Musings (Steve)
Love Each Stone (David)
Emerging Grace (now Kingdom Grace)
Said at SEBTS
Caesura (Aussie John)
CharisShalom (Bryan)
Our Payneful Memories (Leah)

Thank you and all other referring blogs! I appreciate the links and the conversation. I look forward to reading your posts in this new year!


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  1. 1-3-2008

    Glad I could drive some traffic your way. As prolific as you are, and as sporadic as I am, I would probably benefit my readers more by not just linking to your blog, but redirecting my blog to yours directly 😉 hehe

    Happy New Year, my brother!!

  2. 1-3-2008


    I have been greatly blessed and enriched through what I have read at “The Assembling of the Church,” as well as the opportunity to meet you and your family in person this year.

    I am glad some of my readers have found their way over to your place as well.

  3. 1-3-2008


    Thanks for always sticking to the bible even if some of your conclusions cause me to feel uncomfortable.


  4. 1-4-2008

    It doesn’t surprise me that I’ve had many opportunities to point others to what you are saying. Thanks for all of the study and thought that you put into your blog. It makes a difference.

  5. 1-4-2008


    I’m glad to refer your site because of your determination not to interpret Scripture through the lens of institutional tradition or theological position.

    I’m blessed to find the site of a THINKING brother.

  6. 1-7-2008

    I need to start going to your blog from my blog and i’d get even more referrals as often as I go… as Steve notes, you write and you write and you write and I can’t keep up!

    Great stuff always. I’m glad more people get to see your excellent thoughts.