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Guaranteed church building program

Posted by on Dec 17, 2007 in discipleship, edification | 18 comments

I have been part of many church building programs. I’ve heard the book of Nehemiah preached as an example of a successful church building program. However, there is a church building program that I have rarely heard mentioned, and yet, this church building program is guaranteed! That’s right, this program is guaranteed to build the church without going into debt one penny.

I like to call this program “God’s Guaranteed Church Building Program”:

Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love. (Ephesians 4:15-16 ESV)

Did you catch that last phrase? By following this simple procedure, the church is guaranteed to “build itself up”! Isn’t that awesome! Isn’t that amazing! But, what is this procedure?

1. Put Christ in his proper position as the head of the church.
2. Allow, encourage, and expect all believers to serve one another.
3. Do not allow a single person or a small group of people (including leaders) to do everything.
4. Help each person to work properly among their brothers and sisters.

That’s it – four easy steps to guaranteed church growth.

Yes, I know what you may be thinking: This is not the kind of church building program that I had in mind. I understand your problem. However, it does seem that this is the kind of church building program that God has in mind. Perhaps its time to change your mind.

Perhaps there are others among you – leaders especially – who may be thinking something like this: But, those other members of the church could never do what I do; they just don’t have the experience, the talent, the training, or the education. My suggestion: You’re doing the wrong things. According to this guaranteed church building program, the church will grow only when ALL parts of the church are doing their part, not when you are doing everything the best you can.

Then, there is another question that rises about this church building program: But, if I let other people do the work, they may not do it correctly. Again, you are absolutely correct. People are going to fail. That’s why God has provided mature brothers and sisters like yourself to help them learn from their mistakes and to grow toward maturity in Christ. Perhaps you can do everything better than others – that’s good. But, according to God, that’s not best. God’s solution is for everyone to work together.

There you have it: God’s guaranteed church building program. And, the best thing about this program is that you do not have to buy a book or attend a conference. You simply trust God to work through the people that he has brought together. You allow him to use you and others to teach, lead by example, and encourage others to work together. And God says that when we do this, the church will build itself up in love. Guaranteed.


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  1. 12-17-2007

    Testimonial- Jeff from Montana said: I’ve been using the “GGCBP” for a couple of years now. It’s definitely the best program out there. My first month I met 5 new brothers from the comfort of my own home. Thanks “GGCBP”!!

  2. 12-17-2007


    This is a great post. All members of all churches need to believe this. We all have responsibility to be actively involved in the building up of the body of Christ.

    This type of thing will begin in established churches when the pastors are willing to give up some of their responsibilities and encourage others to take these over (even the things that many think only the “seminary trained pastor” should be doing).


  3. 12-17-2007

    Hey Alan:

    Great post! Do you mind if I “borrow” this? It’ll preach!


  4. 12-17-2007


    Thanks for the testimonial! I may use this in my marketing material. 🙂


    Yes, I agree. It takes all of us working together – pastors and non-pastors.


    Consider yourself part of the inner core of the GGCBP ministry team. Use this or any of my writings any time you wish.


  5. 12-17-2007

    By God’s grace, we have been attempting to put this type of thing into place since the “get-go” of planting our church 3.5 years ago. The real problem revolves around the fact that most folks have to be “re-programmed” to think about church biblically instead of institutionally. This starts with the roles of the elders and the deacons. I, as an elder have had to teach over and over and over again that I’m not some “super-spiritual holy guy” that’s to be put up on a pedestal, but I’m a brother in the Lord just like everybody else. Same goes with the deacons. Usually, folks who end up hanging around and becoming members of our fellowship enjoy the “one-anothering”, the fellowship, and the mutual ministry and accountability. Thanks for the post bro!

  6. 12-18-2007

    Yes, the most profound things are usually the most simple. I do get weary of all the manmade input that gets added to the mix. We do need to get back to the simple yet profound word of God. Thanks for helping us do that.

  7. 12-18-2007


    I know there are many people attempting to live according to this types of principles. I’m glad that several of them (like you) contribute to my blog. It is very encouraging and helpful to me. Thank you for your continued input! I’m learning alot from you!


    Of course, if we don’t have man-made input, then there’s less reason for endless books, conferences, videos, etc. I like what you said: God’s way is both simple and profound!


  8. 12-18-2007

    Great point Alan. One thing I thought of immediately when I read it is that this will result in some temporary loss of numbers. Many will be turned off by the idea that they must do something. However, while this would eliminate the megachurches (in numbers), it would grow megachurches (in depth). You really should package this post, make some videos, and market your idea.

  9. 12-18-2007

    Alan, love as a foundation. Wow. What a concept. ;-P

  10. 12-18-2007


    Are you suggesting that growth (at least according to this passage of Scripture) may have little to do with numbers and buildings? If so, I completely agree!


    Yes, it is an awesome concept! I wish I had come up with it.


  11. 12-18-2007


    Thanks again for a great post.

    My early years, as a very motivated Christian, were filled with moving from one program to another, by the strong urging of pastors I trusted. I have come to hate the term “program” when attached to the function of congregations of God’s people.

    You have ably voiced my own thoughts on GGCBP, the God ordained methodology which many leaders of Christians seem to have great difficulty reading/understanding.

  12. 12-18-2007

    Aussie John,

    I’m glad there are more mature believers like you to follow. Thank you for your example and for pointing us toward Christ.


  13. 8-31-2011

    If this was the only post you had ever written on this blog, it would be worth sharing with everyone I know.

    Bravo, my friend. Keep it coming.

  14. 5-17-2012

    I remember years ago being part of a church in VA which took on a “building program”. It was really little different than building a business, considering the marketing and hype that went with it. Right now, my family and I attend what is considered a “mega-church”. But, there is no “building program”, at least not in what is known as such. If you were to ask the senior pastor what his program is, he will likely say he has none.

    What we have seen in our three and a half years there, is people building. Every ministry is about connecting to God, connecting to God’s people and connecting to God’s service. There is no advertising, no great “revival” services, no “bring a friend day”…none of that. It started with a man who asked people how he can serve them. It grew to less than a dozen people meeting in his house, each of them catching his vision for serving others. Now, over 2000 people meet over the weekend and our small groups and mini-churches are where the “real” ministry happens. I know there is some aversion toward large churches and titles such as “senior” pastor, but that is where this particular church is at and Jesus is being lifted up, people are getting saved, people are growing and continuing to share the Gospel and make disciples.

    Aint nothin’ wrong with that.

  15. 5-18-2012


    “People building” is a great way to put it.


  16. 8-1-2012

    Ephesians 4:11-16, 1 Corinthians 14:26. Pow.

  17. 10-9-2012

    Related thoughts from an article/outline I posted recently: “The Church That Christ Built”.

  18. 10-9-2012


    Thanks for sharing your post!