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Which Jesus will you give?

Posted by on Nov 30, 2007 in blog links, discipleship | 1 comment

If you enjoy sarcasm and wit that causes you to think, you will love a new post by Joel at “the double edged sword” called “Jesus’s For Every Season“. He are a few of the “Jesus’s” that Joel says we “give” at Christmas:

Gift Card Jesus – Here’s a novel idea – give Jesus! YOU choose the amount of Jesus that you want to give to that special someone this year. The recipient can use Him whenever they get around to it. (* Sorry, no cash value or exchanges. Expires within 30 seconds of purchase.)

Gold Level Partner Jesus (Also known as “Seed Sower” Jesus) – Now this is an exclusive Jesus! The holidays are always the perfect time to pledge your support of Rev. Dolorznsenz. Jesus will arrive wearing a beautiful lace robe with a 24K gold sash. (* Will ship with your choice of a prayer hanky, Bible on CD-ROM or vial of miracle water, FREE!)

SuperHero Action Figure Jesus – A super-fun guy, full of gadgets and plastic weapons. He’s arrayed with super powers! Upgrade to the deluxe edition figure that performs simulated miracles, signs and wonders! (* This figure is completely fictional and does not represent or condone the belief in a “real” or “tangible” Jesus.)

The best thing about this post is that Joel uses the humor to point us to the real Jesus and to remind us to meditate on and demonstrate him to the world. Thank you, Joel!

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