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My friend Lew at “The Pursuit” has written an excellent two part series on “Convictions” (see Part 1 and Part 2). In the first part, he examines several passages of Scripture that deal with convictions. In the second part, he looks at cultural understandings of conviction. He concludes:

When we look at life, we see many people being convicted of many things. As scripture showed us yesterday, there is definitely a place for Jesus to convict us. There is definitely a legal aspect of being convicted, both in God’s law and in social law. But there are also other sources of conviction. There are some who are guilted into a certain belief or conviction. There are some who sit down and work out what they are and are not going to believe. There are also some convictions that just seem natural, either by living in the world or by being one of God’s children. There are even some convictions that are sins to hold (i.e. Conviction that God hates XXXX people).

As we live life, as we mature in Christ, some of our convictions will change. Some of our convictions will grow stronger, others weaker. Through fellowship with God and fellowship with his children we will all change. Some may hold to convictions that are not important, like whether or not it is wrong to have a TV. But whatever our convictions, we should not let this effect our relationship with God, his children, and the world. If they do, then we need to look at changing our convictions.

His series has raised some questions for me. I thought I would ask these questions publicly to see if anyone had any thoughts on this topic.

1) Do you think that other people should have all of the same convictions as you? 2) Do you think that other people should have some of the same convictions as you? 3) How do you tell the difference between convictions that everyone should have and convictions that may be personal? 4) Do you think you may have convictions that do not come from God? 5) Have any of your convictions changed and why?

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  1. 11-7-2007

    Alan. I avoid answering your questions for now, I would just like to recommend some litterature. James McClendon, the (ana)baptist theologian, has written some great stuff on conviction, in Ethics and also if I remember rightly in a book called Convictions – Defusing Religious relativism.
    /Jonas Lundström