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Community Service…

Posted by on Nov 14, 2007 in community, service | 4 comments

What if followers of Jesus were so active and involved in their community – not just their church – that the community recognized their service? Hamo’s wife – posting a guest post at “Backyard Missionary” – says that this very thing has happened to her husband in a post called “The Wife’s First Post“. She says that their community recently recognized her husband for his service to the community.

Shouldn’t it be the case in each of our communities and neighborhoods that followers of Jesus – that would be us – would be considered the servants in our area? While we should not work with and for our neighbors in order to be recognized, they should see our good works, right? I have to admit that I would not be recognized for my community service.


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  1. 11-14-2007


    If you ever leave a church where you were once heavily involved, you can quickly find that everyone is too busy and too involved in their church to stay friends!

    To my understanding this has a lot to do with seeing the church as the Old Testament picture of the temple and seeing ourselves as lvites serving God in the Temple.

    But you Christian are the temple, serve God in your temple!

    We were only talking tonight about how Jesus is probably most known for helping people in their need.

    That said it isn’t easy. I once became a school governor but was not at all suited to it. I noticed you have an upcoming megablog thing on money, well that is one way I see we are called to serve, not through buying big buildings but through looking after the poor.

    I am still looking for how I can best serve my comunity. Not wanting to take over your blog, but would be interested in hearing different ways of serving.


  2. 11-14-2007


    Great comment! You are not taking over my blog. I appreciate the input. I think I will answer your question about different types of community service – as well as ask input from others – in another blog post in a couple of days. Thanks!


  3. 11-24-2007

    Yes! This is important. The church community should in stead of doing all kind of work to its own properties, aim that resources at the local community.

    I´m living in a rather new and rapid growing house church in Norway. We have experienced the opposite: A neighbour not belonging to us, did the cooking! I think that´s a special beginning of a relation.

    I am frequenting your blog. It is very inspiring! God is doing something great all over the world.

  4. 11-24-2007


    Thank you for commenting. I’m glad to know that you’re still reading my blog. I hope you continue to share your perspective with us.