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Scary things…

Posted by on Oct 31, 2007 in discipleship | 12 comments

What could be more appropriate on Halloween than a list of scary things? Of course, since the name of this blog is “The Assembling of the Church”, these scary things may be a little different than they appear:

  1. A being with multiple heads. I’ve heard it said that a creature without a head is a monster. I think an organism with multiple heads is a monster as well.
  2. Self-mutilation. It is scary to me to think of people who will wilfully harm their own body. You know what I mean, and I’m sure you’ve all witnessed it: people who are perfectly willing to hack off an arm or a leg, or remove their spleen, all the while crying, “It’s merely a flesh wound”. This is scary.
  3. Insenstivity to pain. This is another scary thing to me. Can you imagine living life without knowing when you are hurt. Imagine having an arm or leg or spleen that is shriveling up and dying, and yet you do not realize it. Although I’m sure that if you had this problem, you would pay extra attention to the parts of your body to make sure that none are hurting.
  4. Fratricide. My brother often made me angry, but I can’t imagine killing him. I mean, sure, he was wrong often, and I was never wrong. But, I would not have killed him just for being wrong. And, the words that I said to him don’t count as murder, right? Fratricide is certainly scary.
  5. Ghosts. I don’t like ghosts. I mean, they look real, but they’re only spiritual. There’s no physical substance; they can’t actually do anything. What good is something that is only spiritual which can’t affect the physical?
  6. Zombies. Zombies scare me. They act like they’re alive – they move and make noise even though the noise is mostly moaning and groaning and grumbling. But, they’re not actually alive. Instead they only move based on their dead instincts.
  7. Vampires. Vampires are very smooth, but they don’t add to life, they suck the life out of people. Vampires are fun to watch and incredibly good to the ego. But when it comes down to it, they’re dead and they kill other things. This is scary.
  8. Werewolves. These guys act like normal people, but then, at certain times, they turn into something completely different. They act different. They talk different. They hang out with different types of creatures. Then, they go back to their normal existence when the special time is over. This is scary.
  9. Haunted houses. These are special places where the spiritual realm exist. You have to be careful when you go into these places, because they make people do weird things; things they wouldn’t normally do outside the haunted house. The good thing is, it seems the spiritual things rarely venture outside the haunted house.
  10. Masks. These are truly scary. I mean, the face on the outside is scary enough, but who knows what the face underneath looks like? The face underneath is the one that I’m scared of.

So, what scares you?


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  1. 10-31-2007

    I think pumpkin heads are scary. this is why.

  2. 10-31-2007


  3. 10-31-2007

    Awesome post 🙂


    p.s. the pumpkin heads scare me too

  4. 10-31-2007

    Skeletons. What used to be a living, vibrant being with a beating heart is now just the barest remains of what was once alive. The scariest skeletons are the ones that are still going through the motions of life, still grinning, seemingly oblivous to what they have become– or rather, what they have lost.

    Great post, Alan.

  5. 10-31-2007


    I must confess, for me, the most scary thing about halloween is that most Christians, bloggers or otherwise, seem to have forgotten how important October 31 really is.

    Apart from a celebration of the incarnation, the life and finished work of our Saviour,and our own salvation, can there be a day more worth celebrating with all the thanksgiving, joy and excitement of which we are capable, than Reformation Day?

  6. 10-31-2007


    Great comic! Thank you for sharing it with us.


    Margaret, my wife, does not like elevators either.


    Thank you! It’s good to see you around here.


    Thank you for adding to this list! Perfect addition!

    Aussie John,

    I’ve been studying a few of the pre-Reformers lately. I’m also thankful to God for using them to prepare the way for a return to the gospel.


  7. 10-31-2007


    Oh, and “church ladies” (like the one Dana Carvey portrayed on SNL) 😉

  8. 10-31-2007


    How about Frankenstein monsters? A bunch of dead flesh taken from different dead bodies, sewn and stitched together. It’s ALIVE but it isn’t really, it’s just on borrowed time, staggering and stumbling clumsily through its days.

    Or Graveyards? A bunch of dead bodies gathered together in one area. Laying there, motionless, waiting for something to happen but not able or willing to do anything themselves.

  9. 10-31-2007


    Church ladies are snakes? 🙂


    Good additions! Thanks!


  10. 11-1-2007


    I look forward to your contribution towards knowledge about the pre-reformers.

    It has always been my habit to regard the so-called PRE-reformers, from Peter Waldo onwards, as genuinely a part of the Reformation and therefore equally recognized with Luther as Reformers.

    Waldo(Valdès deLyons),Huss, Wycliffe and Savonarola are included in the Reformation Memorial at the Luther Monument in Worms, recognising their valuable contributions.

  11. 10-31-2008

    Candy – kids go to the houses wanting candy. They go to the houses that give out the best candy and get upset if someone tries to give them something that is healthier for them than candy. Scary, indeed.

  12. 10-23-2012

    Witches – A circle of people that look normal until they all hold hands and use their craft to make you look and act like one of them… scary!


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