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Better than Holiday Inn…

Posted by on Oct 13, 2007 in hospitality | 4 comments

I’ve discussed hospitality on this blog several times. For example, click on the “Hospitality” label. One of the reasons that I keep bringing up this topic is that I believe hospitality it one indicator that someone is maturing in Christ. When a person or family opens their home for others, they are demonstrating that the Spirit is producing love in them.

Last week, one of my best friends moved to northeast Ohio. As we were talking just before he left, he told us that if we came to northeast Ohio, we would always have a place to stay. We told him the same thing if they came back to North Carolina. He meant it, and we did too.

As I was laying in bed last night, God started showing me something. Margaret and I have family in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. We know that if we came to their town, they would expect us to stay with them.

But, beyond this family, God has given us another “family” – a Spirit family. We have brothers and sisters in Georgia, California, and now Ohio who would open their home for us. If we move, we know there are many friends in North Carolina who would open their home to us. And, when these friends move, they would open their homes in the new locations as well. These brothers and sisters would not only allow us to stay with them, but also they would probably be offended if we did not stay with them.

But, you see, hospitality is more than simply having a place to stay and food to eat. When we visit these friends, or when they visit us, we come back together as family, not as new acquaintances. The Spirit has already bound us together, and we simply walk back into proximity to one another. We love one another, we accept one anothers differences, we enjoy one anothers company.

This type of hospitality is something that “the hospitality industry” cannot offer. Regardless of the number of stars in a hotel’s rating, they cannot offer the love and friendship and fellowship of other brothers and sisters in Christ. Hospitality is better than Holiday Inn.


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  1. 10-13-2007

    You’re always welcome in the mountains 🙂

  2. 10-13-2007


    I knew that you would welcome us. I love the mountains, so don’t be surprised if we take you up on that one day.


  3. 10-14-2007

    If your friend needs any help in the NE Ohio ( not sure exactly where ) let us know.

  4. 10-14-2007


    Thank you for the option. They should be moved in by now. According to Google Maps, they’re on the other side of Cleveland from you.