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The 10-20-30 Virus

Posted by on Oct 21, 2007 in blog links | 7 comments

There’s this thing going around the blogosphere called “The 10-20-30 Virus”, and I was infected by Glenn at “re-dreaming the dream“. (This particular virus originated over at the “relevantblog” and, as far as I can tell, I’m part of the sixth generation of this virus. Apparently, it is immune to most antibiotics and anti-virus programs.)

I am supposed to tell what was happening in my life 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Then, I am supposed to “infect” others.

10 years ago – October 1997
We were living in Alabama, and I was happily working as an electrical engineer and my wife was working in customer service. Our son was almost 4 years old, and our daughter was only 3 months old. We had recently moved into a house that we had designed and had custom built. We were living the American dream complete with the materialistic amenities. It was about this time that God began changing our attitude toward stuff and people. We started realizing that stuff was not as important, and that people – especially our own family – were more important. This led to some drastic changes in our life over the next two years. Seminary was still nowhere in sight, but God was becoming clearer.

20 years ago – October 1987
I was a junior in electrical engineering at Georgia Tech. I was taking as many classes as I could take so that I could graduate early. Why? Because I was engaged to Margaret. I had finally given her a ring the previous April, and we wanted to get married as soon as possible. I would graduate in December 1988, and we would marry in January 1989. Spiritually, I considered myself an agnostic. Why? I grew up going to church, and, from the way people lived and treated each other, I didn’t think the God they talked about actually existed because I didn’t think they believed that the God they talked about actually existed. Why? Because they didn’t live as if he existed. God would change my mind in the next few years.

30 years ago – October 1977
I was in the fourth grade in Alabama. That year, I would meet two people who would change my life forever. The first person that I met was Margaret – my future wife. Yes, we met in the fourth grade. No, even though we were living in Alabama, we were not married in the fourth grade. She was a friend of a friend, and he introduced us. Within another few years, we would begin attending the same church that her family attended. Also, that year, I met Jesus Christ. It happened during a revival service at a small country church that we attended. I don’t remember what the evangelist said. They tell me that I talked to the preacher, but I don’t remember what he said either. Instead, I remember an overwhelming sense of being separated from God and recognizing that reconciliation was only available through Jesus Christ. I did not know exactly what that meant, but I knew that I wanted that. Unfortunately, there was little discipleship for me and little evidence of growth over the next few years, even though I was a model student and a regular attender of all church services.

Now… who do I infect with this dreaded virus? Apparently, I can infect as many as I want. So, I’m going to infect (in alphabetical order) Aussie John, Dan, David, Eric, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Leah (or Ed), Lew, Maël, Michael, and Steve. I tried to infect people who frequent my blog and who have not been infected yet, but I know that I missed many of you. If I did not infect you and you want to take part, please consider yourself infected! (By the way, some of you are not 30 years old yet – in case you didn’t know that. So, tell about your family when you were born – whatever you can remember.)

If you take part, please leave a comment here, and also leave a comment at “relevantblog“.

[UPDATE: For those of you who are under 30 years old, Dan has apparently been infected by a new strain of the virus: “The 5-10-15 Virus“.]


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  1. 10-21-2007

    Alan- It is very cool to hear pieces of your story. Thanks for playing along!

  2. 10-22-2007

    ok i did it

  3. 10-22-2007


    It was nice to see a little bit of your story. I miss Alabama.

    Thanks for infecting me, I guess I need to take a little time and hit this up.

    I will get it up in a little while.

  4. 10-22-2007

    Wow, it sounds like you’ve come a long way! God is good.

  5. 10-22-2007

    Thanks for the infection. I’ll get on it this afternoon.

    We’re the same age, interestingly enough.

  6. 10-23-2007

    done and done…

  7. 10-24-2007

    Wow, i like hearin some of your story… Interesting. I’m glad God found you!

    And you are an engineer who can write a sentence. That’s good.