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Thank you for the Link Love

Posted by on Sep 8, 2007 in blog links | 1 comment

I want to publicly thank Alan (not me), Michael, Travis, and Wes for linking to my blog recently. Since I haven’t mentioned their links, I want to take this chance to recommend their blogs to my readers.

Alan Reynolds linked to my blog in his post called “Ekklesia or Synagoge?

Michael Halcomb from “Pisteuomen” (this means “we believe”) linked to me in a post called “Alan Knox : The Unhypocritical Church“.

Travis Seitler from “second mouse” linked to this blog in a post called “Local or Universal?

Last (alphabetically), but not least, Wes Handy from “A Mission-Driven Life” linked to one of my posts in his post called “Church: What is it?

I appreciate all of my readers, and have enjoyed reading your blogs. When someone links to my blog, I try to recognize that with a return link. So… thank you and please keep reading and commenting.

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  1. 9-8-2007

    I feel the love brother!

    Thanks for your blog!