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A Good Day…

Posted by on Sep 29, 2007 in community, fellowship, service | 7 comments

Today has been a really good day so far.

This morning, I was able to help a friend of a friend move into an apartment. I had never met this man before, but he is going through a divorce. Coincidentally (providentially), his new apartment is located across a parking lot – that is, only about 100 feet – from the apartment of a good friend of mine. I hope to be able to drop in on this new acquaintance sometime. Divorce is difficult. I could tell that he was struggling through this, and I’m hoping that God will choose to use me to show his love to this man and his family.

This afternoon, my son played football again. Even though his team lost, he played very well, and he continues to enjoy playing. Also, since we have been hanging around practice and I have been volunteer to help on the sideline, I’ve been able to get to know several of the players. We now have the opportunity to take one boy home after every practice. Again, I hope God will choose to use us to impact the lives of some of these boys and their families.

This evening, we had dinner with some friends who came to watch my son’s football game. We had a great time sharing a meal and the fellowship associated with that (I will publish a blog post in the next couple of days about sharing meals and fellowship). The husband has spent a lot of time with our son, especially helping and encouraging him with football. The wife has spent a lot of time with our daughter, especially helping her learn sign language. We appreciate how God has used them to impact our family, and we hope that God will choose to continue to use us to impact their lives.

All in all, it has been a good day.


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  1. 9-29-2007

    This is a great example of how NT koinonia and evangelism was done.

  2. 9-29-2007

    Sounds like missionality in action. Great day.

  3. 9-29-2007


    Sounds like genuine Christianity!

  4. 9-29-2007

    Dustin, Bryan, and Aussie John,

    Thank you for the encouragement. I praise God for these opportunities. I pray that as he provides more opportunities to love and serve that he will find me obedient.


  5. 9-30-2007

    Amen to your great day, and to your thoughts here.

  6. 9-30-2007

    Sounds like you’ve already been “chosen” to bring God’s love into each of those areas. Good call, and congrats on a great day.

  7. 9-30-2007

    Ted and Rick,

    Thanks for the comments. I wonder how many “good days” I’ve missed because I was focused on myself instead of on God and others…