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Using Scripture to justify ourselves…

Posted by on Aug 11, 2007 in blog links, scripture | 4 comments

Lew at “The Pursuit” has written a very important post called “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is“. Lew’s post is not about money, tithing, or stewardship. Instead, it is about Scripture and our “use” of Scripture. Lew speaks from experiences within Catholicism, the SBC, and the seminary at SEBTS. He says:

I see a trend in the SBC that is moving towards where Catholicism is. We may say, and we may think we believe that the Bible is important. But our actions are speaking louder than our words.

Knowing Lew, I know that he does not hold contempt for any of these organizations. Instead, he is calling brothers and sisters in Christ to live what they claim to believe. When you read this post, you may be tempted to respond in anger. I hope, instead, that you will prayerfully consider what he says. All of us, from time to time, have “used” the Bible to justify our own actions or beliefs instead of trying to determine what Scripture teaches and then change our lives accordingly.


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  1. 8-11-2007

    Alan and Lew,

    Alan, thank you for pointing out the great post written by Lew.

    Lew, I can tell this post was written from your heart as it causes you to be vulnerable to the people and structures that surround you. I think your convictions are confirmed in 2 Timothy.


  2. 8-11-2007

    The great thing about having the whole Bible is that there is an automatic antidote to proof-texting. The problem is that so many Sunday School programs, Christian Education programs, seminaries, Bible colleges, and denominational statements of faith seem to promote proof-texting in the name of faithfulness to God’s word.

    The tendency is to either boil it down or water it down. And when it comes to the living and active word of God, neither will do.

  3. 8-11-2007


    I agree that Lew wrote a great post, and I agree that he wrote it from the heart being concerned for his brothers and sisters in Christ.


    Welcome back! I’ve missed seeing you around here.

    I agree. But, it is so easy to proof-text, while it is much harder to actually consider what God is saying to us through Scripture.


  4. 8-12-2007


    Thanks for linking to my post and encouraging me. I appreciate it.


    I am glad that you took my post as I intended it. I literally deleted the post about three times before actually posting it. I am sure you have done similar things in the past. When you write something that can be taken so wrong, it is important to pick the best wording you know how – otherwise your message is easily lost.

    Thanks for the encouragement.


    You are absolutely right – great observations.

    Thanks again everyone.

    God’s Glory,