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Two Items of Interest and a Question

Posted by on Aug 23, 2007 in blog links, synchroblog | 1 comment

Item #1: Three bloggers are setting up a new synchroblog for next Monday, August 27. A synchroblog occurs when several bloggers post on the same subject during the same time period. This time, the subject is prayer, specifically “How Do You Pray?” See Lyn’s post called “You are invited…” for more information and to be added to the list of bloggers taking part. Last month, I took part in a synchroblog (see “Here I am to worship“). I learned alot from the experience and from all of the posts. Did I agree with everything? Nope. But I learned something from each one. The subject of prayer is so important that I hope many people take part in this synchroblog. My title for this synchroblog will be “Pray without ceasing”.

Item #2: Guy at “The M Blog” has a great list of questions that all followers of Jesus Christ should consider. The post is called “Things I wonder about“. His questions are very thought-provoking, as long as you are open enough to question your beliefs and practices and compare them to Scripture. For additional questions see my post “It is dangerous to ask ‘Why?’

Question: On FaceBook I asked a question that has garnered some very interesting answers. Perhaps some of you would like to answer as well. Here is the question: “If you could spend 24 hours with anyone (currently living – not Jesus Christ), who would you choose, and what would you want to talk about or do?

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