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Posted by on Aug 18, 2007 in blog links | 6 comments

Friday, I started another semester of teaching New Testament (Koine) Greek at Southeastern College at Wake Forest. The students are very comfortable with online interaction, so I started a new blog for this class called “Greek Class“. (Yes, I know, very creative.)

Primarily, I will use this new blog to provide additional help to students as they study Greek. These helps will follow the outline of our primary grammar textbook: Learn to Read New Testament Greek by David Alan Black.

If you are learning Greek, need a refresher in Greek, or would like to learn Greek, please join us at this new blog. Anyone is allowed to take part in the discussions. However, all comments should relate to the purpose of the blog: learning New Testament Greek.


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  1. 8-18-2007

    Alan, the default feed for that new blog is not working. When I click on the feed link on the blog itself, it says:

    Invalid content type:

    I viewed the source of the page and chose one of the alternative feeds ( but maybe you can figure out what’s wrong with your feedburner feed.

  2. 8-18-2007


    Thanks for letting me know. Where did you click on the “feed link”? Did you click on the subscribe link? For me, it goes to my feedburner feed:


  3. 8-18-2007

    I clicked on the “Subscribe to Posts (Atom)” link at the bottom of the template. That’s where I got the error. I tried copying the link address into Google Reader to subscribe there, and it just gave me a blank feed. I prefer the feedburner link, and it will make your stats more meaningful to know that I’m actually reading 😉 hehe

  4. 8-18-2007


    Thanks for the “heads up”. I did not notice that link at the bottom of the page, and I’m not sure yet how to remove it. But, I’m working on it.


  5. 8-19-2007

    Alan, I have little quizzes and stuff made up for Greek class if your students would like them as study guides. I have a mid-term and final review for first semester Greek.

    (By the way, it is insanely odd for me to call you “Alan” and not Prof. Knox, but I’m trying to do the Dr….err, Brother Dave thing.)

  6. 8-19-2007


    Thanks for the offer. If you post those helps online, I’ll be glad to point my students to them as additional helps.