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Posted by on Aug 13, 2007 in blog links, definition | 4 comments

Mark at “Sojourner” has written a challenging post called “Church 1.0“. He calls for a return to the “devotion” of the early church: the apostles’ teaching, the fellowship, the breaking of bread, and the prayers. (By the way, “devotion” in Acts 2:42 does not mean “thoughtful consideration”, but “continuous action”.) Mark says of the modern church:

Methodology and techniques have been enshrined as some sort of new gods in the modern and postmodern church. The issue seems to be related to the unique format for spiritual life in our current culture: our basic spiritual existence does not integrate and unify faith and action in the total life. (emphasis his – but I liked it, so I included it as well)…

Take the current Church, subtract the institution, add the daily surrender to Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and you will get Church 1.0.

Many treat the church as described in the New Testament as the beta version – you know, like that early version of software that still has alot of bugs to work out. They appreciate the more stable version of the church that we see today. The only problem is, many times the “church” of today does not carry out the functions for which God created it nor does it exist in the unity to which God has called it.

I like Mike’s idea of Church 1.0 – not a beta version, but the original assembly of Spirit-led, Spirit-enabled followers of Christ.


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  1. 8-13-2007

    I hear a lot of people talking about getting back to a “New Testament Church.” But, I think you are right, that in practice the “New Testament Church” gets treated like the beta-version. The idea of getting back to a “New Testament Church” is much more acceptable than actually getting back to that Church.

  2. 8-13-2007


    Thank you for your kind words and the link. Somehow I missed out on your original comments on my blog (from back in March) and as such, missed out on your blog! But, alas, I’m glad I found it today. I look forward to diving in.

    It is greatly encouraging to see the Holy Spirit working in so many people from every corner of the world being led toward Christ-centered church. We each have much to learn, but God chooses to work through us anyway…what a radical move on His part.

  3. 8-13-2007


    We will never have a “New Testament Church”, because we live in a different time. However, we can have the same purpose and focus as those early believers. Thank you for the comment.


    Yes, it is encouraging to see how God is working through people from all over the world. The interaction on this blog has been greatly encouraging to me.


  4. 8-14-2007

    Everywhere I go I hear people talking about getting back to the basics. It is amazing. I am going to study the book of Acts and I told the professor of your site. It should be a great fall class.