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There he goes again…

Posted by on Jul 4, 2007 in discipleship | 2 comments

Several days ago, in a post called “God’s sense of humor, or sense of timing?“, I recounted how God had “coincidentally” arranged for two neighbors to end up knocking on our door and asking to come into our house. We did not know one of these neighbors, but we had been (and continue) trying to get to know the other neighbor for some time. We have very little in common, so it has been difficult. We knew if something was going to happen, God would have to do it. He did, and she ended up sitting in our living room talking to Margaret, my wife.

In that post, I rhetorically asked, “Do we force these relationships, or do we again allow God to provide those additional opportunities?” The comments were great, and I want to share a few before I continue this story.

Brandon from “Eleutheros” said, “If it’s God who has opened the door (so to speak) then ask Him to grow these friendships. This way all you have to do is be available.”

Steve from “Theological Musings Blog” said, “So, be faithful (I’m speaking to myself, too, here) when those opportunities are there, but don’t force the relationship.”

I truly appreciate this encouragement, and the recognition that anything that we do is faulty. We have to wait for God to move in someone’s life – including our own – because only he can affect transformation. So, we have prayed and we have watched for opportunities.

A few days ago, Margaret went to the mailbox… and our neighbor’s mail had been delivered to us by mistake… coincidentally. Of course, she HAD to go to their house and deliver the mail to them… and invite them to dinner in the course of the conversation. They didn’t accept her dinner invitation this time. But, once again, God worked to bring our families together. I’m looking forward to his next “coincidence”.


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  1. 7-4-2007

    —Trustin’ Him???—Well do we (me myself & I) really trust God in terms of bringing others to faith in Jesus Christ? I am just learning about Gods majesty\sovereignty\redemptive power as I early breakfast\prayer-time with some great Christian friends God has brought into my life for encouraging purposes. I just had a roommate\tennant move out yesterday whom I boasted that God had brought into my life for some explicitly Christian\disciple-making purposes. I learned how my God & Savior could allow my conscience to leave me to commit such age-old sins? For His purposes-as I have learned. I learned in my moments of fellowship. I learned that when our confidence of this flesh in which we reside accepts the responsibility of sharing God’s word with a lost person-the outcome is just as we began it-fleshly\worldly. I have (hopefully and prayerfully) for the last time assumed the role of creating my witness opportunities. Sharing the Gospel is an ultimate PRIVILEGE!!! Yes=PRIVILEGE!!! Yes granted to us for whatever reasons that we shall never understand (concerning who-what-when-where-why). God knows the right time “n” place. Fellowship and accountability are THE most crucial elements of the CHURCH. Honesty… Well Paul writes to the Romans-concering:”dont not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation.” Let us not be ASHAMED of the sin in our lives to the point that we hide it and disregard it. Al over Ezekiel God says “you will be ashamed.” Well in the perfect fellowship do not be ashamed in the moment in which temptation is pressing hard=when your brother says call me anytime=”CALL hIM.” My experience has shown me that there are times when your obedience depends on you breaking through your pride and calling that person whoever they may be. Helping hands. Back to God making the occasion happen. Ezekiel said “the spirit came and raised me to my feet (2:2).” Ezekiel writes that the Spirit “LIFTS” him 3 times in chapter 3. Ezekiel continually enforces the idea that God (through HIS spirit) gets the job done. Our priority it is just ask. When we do walk upon the stage for our attempt at the revelation of Gods glory we must TRUST at that point. In the moment of doubts we will fall deep into the water for a swim with our brother Peter. Ask1-Trust2-Pray3. Church4 fellowship5. 5 words that can change the face of Christianity in America-on Earth. If properly expounded. As we attempt to handle this precious gift of Truth that has been bestowed on every believer to “Go and share the message of this life following our release from prison (Acts-Paul)(just another sinner saved by Gods divine Grace\Election)”—sorry so jumbled=much ado to the public education of America—Reid-

  2. 7-4-2007


    I’m glad you found your way to my blog, and thank you for commenting! I’m very excited about what God has been doing in your life over the last year – and even before that. I wish other – more mature – believers had as much enthusiasm for God and as much desire to build up his body as you continually demonstrate. I look forward to seeing you soon.