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Any opportunity to "one another"…

Posted by on Jul 4, 2007 in discipleship, edification | 2 comments

A couple of weeks ago, we were able to spend time on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with other believers. We love to get together with one another to share meals, to talk, to serve… really, any “excuse” to spend time with one another.

Last week, Margaret, my wife, was sick for a couple of days. Then, I caught the bug from her and was sick for a few more days. During that week, we didn’t spend much time with other believers. (Actually, Margaret was able to attend our regular Sunday meeting, and she was also able to have lunch with another couple on Sunday. But, that was all of the interaction that we had with other believers that week.)

So, when Monday rolled around – and we were both finally feeling better – we jumped at the chance to have dinner with some friends of ours. This time, we went to a restaurant, and not just any restaurant, one of our favorites! On the ride to the restaurant, during dinner, and on the way home we had a great conversation about many different topics – from spending time at the beach, to their influence in the lives of our children, to hearing and knowing and following the will of God, and many other topics that flowed naturally (supernaturally?) from our relationships with one another and from our mutual relationships with God.

Occasionally, when we think of church, it is easy to get stuck on the big things: big groups, big meetings, big projects, big results, big presentations, big themes, big sermons… But, if we continue in our life stuck on the idea that “church” is only in the big things, then we may miss some of the most important things that God has for us, those things that can only be found in the intimate relationships that God is building between us and other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sometimes, God teaches us more from a few words from a friend than from a 30 minute sermon. Sometimes, God uses us more in a simple hug than in an afternoon of working hard with a large group. Sometimes, God reveals himself more in the tears of a friend that we’re consoling than in a large group of people that we do not know as well.

I like the big things. I like to gather with a large group of believers and hear about the many ways that God is working and changing and moving and teaching. I like singing with a large group of believers. I like the big things.

But, God is also – and at times even more – in the small things too. I hope this encourages you to take any opportunity to “one another”. Even “small” opportunities… you might just find God there.


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  1. 7-5-2007

    Hi Alan,

    Great post! This is one reason I’ve referred people to your blog. The church today does seem to have a heavy emphasis on the “big” things. In that respect, the only thing that I have trouble with in this post is your use of the word “occasionally.” LOL (“Occasionally, when we think of church, it is easy to get stuck on the big things”). I would change it to “often” or “usually.” 🙂

    I’ve been part of a “mega-church” for the past 7 1/2 years. Thankfully, in the midst of all the big things, there is a heavy emphasis on “small groups” (or “community groups”) in this church. It’s even said that we are not a church with small groups, but a church of small groups. I’ve told my small group that our times of fellowship are church for me.

    The “big” things can be good, but a look behind the scenes reveals a lot of overhead and unnecessary activities, programs and “administration.” (IMNSHO) I’ve been communicating with a couple of pastors about this, and I’ve said that it’s not necessarily a “right way vs. wrong way” thing. Perhaps it’s just that I’m not wired for the “big church” thing. But yet I do feel that the big church setting, and everything that the “leadership” seems to think is necessary to keep it running, adds a whole new dimension to things that is perhaps unbiblical and that takes away from the simplicity that is in Christ.

    “Giving,” for example, becomes mostly about paying salaries, paying bills, paying for the building, etc. Again, it’s not that these things are necessarily inherently wrong. I’ve most certainly see God at work in the midst of all this. But it’s as if some people think “the church” will die or grow smaller if we don’t have all these things in place, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

  2. 7-10-2010

    We are refocusing small groups in Plattsmouth NE and part of the focus is one another’s. By being involved in small groups we are given the chance to do the one another’s of the NT. Even though it was several years ago that you posted “Any opportunity to ‘one another’ as it was in the early church so also is it important in any church.


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