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Another Alan from Alabama…

Posted by on Jul 31, 2007 in blog links, discipleship | 1 comment

How is that for alliteration? I’ve recently run across a new blog by a new Southeastern student, Alan Reynolds. I like him already because 1) his name is Alan, 2) he is from Alabama, and 3) he added my blog to his blogroll!

Seriously, I really appreciated the frankness with which he wrote about his experiences working in a restaurant in a post called “Alan the Self-Centered“. After describing the difficulty he has in loving some of the people at the restaurant, and after explaining how he washed dishes when the dishwasher didn’t show up for work, he says:

The temptation? I was almost angry when I only got a passing, “Oh yeah, thanks.” That was it. As I left, I was offered that. For all I know, it might not have even been for washing dishes. It might have just been a normal “thanks.” I thought I should have gotten out of my closing duties–cleaning and rolling silverware–for all the work I did and the staying late to do so. On the way home, it hit me. In Matthew 6, Jesus said that hypocrites give to the poor to be seen by men, therefore receiving their reward in full. I know some “expositors” would hang me for making the application, but I think it’s completely appropriate. Tonight, I worked and expected to be seen by men. I worked unto man and not unto the Lord. And the ironic part–I didn’t even receive a reward from men. I’m glad for that.

Yes, Alan, I think this is definitely applicable. When we work to be noticed by men, then we are working for me. When we do our work for God, then we don’t care if others notice. Thank you for the challenge! I hope I get to meet Alan in the near future.

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