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Life… in the Journey – a new blog

Posted by on Jun 26, 2007 in blog links | Comments Off on Life… in the Journey – a new blog

Back in March 2006, I started this blog as a way to formulate and express some of the things I was studying about the church. I was also hoping to interact with others concerning these issues. The discussions have been great, helping me to look at various aspects of the New Testament in new ways (at least, new to me).

As I have learned more about the church – especially how to live as the church – I have also posted on life as a follower of Christ. I recognize that academic studies may be important, but they are not most important. It is most important that I learn to live in obedience to what God is teaching me. Thus, many of my posts on this blog have also dealt with living life as a follower of Christ.

Yesterday, some friends and I started a new blog. The blog is called “Life… in the Journey“. This is a collaborative effort to learn from one another as we learn from God how to live life – here and now – as a follower of Jesus Christ. Hopefully, additional authors will join us in this venture soon.

I will also continue posting here at The Assembling of the Church. In these posts I will continue to interact with Scripture, books, and blog posts dealing with the church. In many cases, the lines between church and life are blurred, and I will probably post the same article on both blogs occasionally.

I hope my readers will continue to interact with me here as we study the church. I also hope you will visit the new blog and interact with us there as well.