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How "Rich" are you?

Posted by on Jun 25, 2007 in blog links, love, service | 1 comment

Dan at “Cerulean Sanctum” has posted an excellent article called “A Letter to Rich, the Young Ruler“. He wrote the post as a letter to a modern day rich, young ruler. In the letter, he mentions some people (fictional or not?) who use the money that God provides in order to provide for the needs of others, instead of for their own wants. Consider this paragraph:

Let me tell you about some people I know. I know a couple who bought a small home in one of the worst neighborhoods in our city. He has a good job and could afford a much larger home, but he and his wife elected to use their extra money to meet the desperate needs of their poorer neighbors. I know a man who forgoes the expensive medication he needs to feel better so he can help a woman who has no health insurance pay for the even more expensive cancer medication she needs. I know a family who sent $1000 of their hard-earned money to help an unemployed couple they had never met in person make a house payment so they could keep their home. I know a man who gave every cent he owned in the world to fund a missionary couple who would have been recalled. Those missionaries were in the middle of their translation of the Bible into a new language. They would’ve had to come home unless they raised enough money to complete the translation.

I think these people have learned what it truly means to be “rich”.

Do you know how rich you are? Yes, you’re spiritually rich, but based on the riches of this world, you are probably also physically rich. (See “Global Rich List“) Did God provide you with all of those riches to keep, or to share with others in need?

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  1. 6-29-2007


    Thanks for featuring my post on profligacy on your blog.

    Yes, we are rich indeed.