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Ekklesia – Nature and Function…

Posted by on Jun 1, 2007 in blog links, definition | 2 comments

Guy, over at “The M Blog“, has published a post called “Rethinking the nature and function of ekklesia“. In this post, Guy shares a list that may be helpful in rethinking the nature and function of the church. In the last few years, my understanding has changed from church as an organization to church as people. If our understanding of “church” puts organizations or programs or structure above people, then I think we misunderstand what it means to be Jesus’ ekklesia.


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  1. 6-2-2007

    Thanks for the link to my blog. IMHO the items on this list are more what we should be dialoguing about in the SBC and not dividing ourselves over matters that are secondary. What this list entails has huge ramifications for the future of how the church engages the world and understands herself.

  2. 6-2-2007


    Thanks for the list. I would love to see people in the SBC talking about ways to bring believers together, instead of trying to decide who to separate from.