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Two Marys…

Posted by on May 16, 2007 in blog links, love, service | 1 comment

First, I want to welcome Mary to the blogosphere. Mary has commented several times here, and I always find her comments encouraging and challenging. Her blog is called “One Thing is Needed“. Her first post, “On Being Stupid – Revisited“, is worth reading.

Also, Bryan at “Charis Shalom” has a post about another Mary called “There’s Just Something about Mary“. Bryan calls us back to a life of loving God, like Mary:

Oh that the Church would wake up to the reality of the fact that God loves us and expects nothing more and nothing less of us than that we be lovers of Him. The lover of our souls yearns for us to sit at His feet and love Him in return. He writes us love songs (the Song of Solomon), and He doesn’t need us to run around, being Martha, trying to do, do, do. He has plenty of servants, as many as He needs. But He desires friends, lovers, Marys. When we begin to live in this reality it will revolutionize how we live and it will draw others to Him.

I hope you enjoy reading about these two Marys.

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  1. 5-16-2007

    Wow, Alan. Thanks for the intro! 🙂