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More unity…

Posted by on May 30, 2007 in blog links, community, fellowship, unity | 3 comments

I often discuss unity on this blog. I believe that our lack of unity demonstrates our lack of love for one another, which in turn demonstrates our lack of following Christ as his true disciples. Here are two recent blog posts that also discuss unity in Christ:

Matt at “Kingdom Living” explores “The Secret to Christian Unity“. Matt discusses Philippians 2 in relation to unity. He concludes:

What is the secret to Christian unity? Living out the example of Christ (humility, servanthood, and death to self) and removing all obstacles to making that happen (selfish ambition and vain conceit). Only then will our tenderness, compassion, and unity with God translate into tenderness, compassion, and unity with each other. One last bit of motivation.

Could it be that our failure to live in unity with one another is merely a symptom of the deeper problem of failing to live in unity with God? I think so.

Johnny at “Pure Christianity” learned something about unity at a “Prophetic Conference“. Though he did not agree with some of the teachings, he found that God could speak to him in spite of his disagreements. He says:

The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about unity. Unity is not about doctrinal agreement, style similarities, or even personalities. Instead, it is about the heart. We can be knit together in our spirits and work towards building the Kingdom of God together. I still do not believe that I need to fight devils, but I do believe that I need to be able to stand with fellow believers no matter what doctrines we practice or believe.

Could it be that we have lost our desire to unite over the main things because we are majoring on minors? Could it be that God could actually teach us through “those people” who believe or act a little differently than us? We’ll never know, unless we live in our unity in Christ.


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  1. 5-30-2007


    Your last three posts all seem linked in thought. Each dealing with community and hindrances to it. I have enjoyed reading them and mulling them over.

    Why is unity so hard to attain and maintain. Why is it so easy to see that others are putting themselves first and not the community but so difficult to see our own tendencies towards individualism. What is even the definition of unity in Christ. How do we know when unity has been achieved. Does attaining unity require compromise of ones beliefs? Is agreement on the major doctrines the standard and other convictions individualistic? Is unity possible for two brothers when one holds that a certain activity is sin and another is convinced it is permissible. How concerned with righteousness should the community be? Is that only for the individual or for the community?

    I do not expect you or others to necessarily answer the questions above. They are really just thoughts I am having towards community.
    However, I would like to dialogue about your statement in the post building community. You stated that “When God builds community, he builds it around himself. If everything is removed except God himself, the community continues”. I am not sure I understand the statement. If God builds the community and the activities of the community then the community will be maintained. However, if God builds the community and activities of that community but man changes or removes those activities is that still the community that God had built. I add activities to the mix of community because without actions there is no community. Just like without action there is no love. Let me know what you think.

    Oh and by the way I am Jason Lewis in WA state. My bio would be follower of Jesus, husband to Amy and father to Payton, Madelyn, Kendall, Ethan, Aidan, Isabella, Gwenna, and Jude.

  2. 5-31-2007

    Since God’s whole purpose throughout history has been to restore relationship, both vertically (with Him) and horizontally (with one another) – another way of saying love God and love one another – it strikes me that this may be of foremost priority, especially given all the other scriptures that talk about making every effort for unity.

    Moreover, we see that the devil is the one who steals, kills and destroys. He is the one who is the source of disunity. And, since it is clear that our unity leads to people believing in the Son, that one of the devil’s highest priorities would be to attack our unity.

    And, isn’t it interesting in 1 Timothy 2 the first priority for Paul in establishing church is to pray for everyone, in all kinds of prayers, for kings and authorities, etc.

    Given all of that (and more), I would suggest that we are suckers for the devil’s ploys in many ways and that the things that divide us are the things we ought to consider tearing down. The things that unite us in Christ, should become our focus.

    Perhaps I should just write another post on unity. 🙂

  3. 5-31-2007


    My posts tend to be linked and to run in cycles. I appreciate your rhetorical questions. They need to be asked, and I think they can be answered. However, I’m not sure the standard answers are always the answers we need to seek.

    As far as your last question, I do believe it is possible for God to create a community, and for people to then distort the community such that it is built around leaders or activities.

    I know several Jasons, but I don’t think I’ve met you yet. It’s nice to meet you, and I’m looking forward to interacting with you more.


    You said: “We are suckers for the devil’s ploys in many ways and that the things that divide us are the things we ought to consider tearing down.” In one respect, I agree with you completely. I do believe that Satan has tempted us to be concerned more with our own organizations and our own priorities, which have led to disunity and division. I also always want to be careful, because there are many, many Jesus followers who know nothing more than the system that they have been brought up in, and they have been taught that questioning the system is the same as questioning the deity of Jesus Christ himself. I want to be very careful not to separate myself from these brother and sisters in Christ.