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Five bucks is five bucks…

Posted by on May 13, 2007 in blog links, discipleship | Comments Off

If you haven’t read it yet, you should read Bryan’s (from “Charis Shalom“) post called “It’s Story Time“. In this post, Bryan recalls how God led him to give $5 (okay, actually it was ₤5, but that’s beside the point), and how he struggled with God over giving such a small amount. Please, read his story, and be reminded that God owns everything, including every penny that is in our pocket. This is how Bryan ends this story:

In that moment, God said this to me… even in the little things listen for my voice and follow my direction. Never underestimate the power of faith and obedience. I laugh thinking of the whole scenario. Me, begrudgingly obeying, having to be humbled to even approach the situation; this young man, desperate for a book with little value, finally humbling himself to ask God for help. None of it seems worthy of honoring by the King of all kings, but He provided nonetheless for both of us.

Are you willing to use and give every pound (dollar) as God directs? Does God really care about $5?