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Blogging the Last Twelve Verses of Mark Conference

Posted by on Apr 13, 2007 in blog links | 2 comments

David Alan Black asked if I would list the bloggers who are attending the Last Twelve Verses of Mark Conference at SEBTS. (Note: These bloggers may not blog about the conference itself, but they are attending the conference.) This is the list of bloggers (in alphabetical order) that I know about. I will add other bloggers to the list as I learn about them.

Lew Ayotte at “The Pursuit
Dave Black at “Dave Black Online Blog
Darrell Bock at “Bock’s Blog
Maël Disseau at “The Adventures of Maël and Cindy
Alan Knox at “The Assembling of the Church
Josh McManaway at “A New Testament Student
Matthew Rondeau at “Splanknois tou Christou
Christy Sensenig at “Until My Last Breath
Steve Sensenig at “Theological Musings Blog
Theron Stancil at “Sharing in the Life


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  1. 4-13-2007

    Excellent! Thank you for doing this, Alan.

  2. 4-14-2007

    Dr. Black,

    I saw all of these at the conference tonight. There may be others, but everything happened so quickly tonight that I did not have a chance to ask around. Perhaps I will meet more bloggers at the conference tomorrow.