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Using your own fork…

Posted by on Feb 20, 2007 in discipleship | 3 comments

Brian Mayfield wrote an aritcle for “Relevant” called “On Using Your Own Fork“. In this article, Brian reminds us that we should expect believers to seek God for themselves and to serve others themselves. Consider this snippet:

Most often, it seems that those who feel they are not “being fed” are the ones who have failed to feed anyone else. After all, Jesus wrapped a towel around His waist, washed His disciples feet and told them, “This is what it looks like to follow me.”

We should not lead people to be dependent on us. (Also, see Dr. Black’s essay “Codependent No More!“)

(HT: Brad)


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  1. 2-20-2007

    Awesome post, Alan!

    But how tragic is it that the models in so many of our churches simply encourage people to jsut come to the “God show” and then leave?!

    We need a lot more OJT (On-the-job-training) in our churches. High expectations, brother!

  2. 2-20-2007

    That is a great article, Alan .. thanks for posting it (LOL here because when I typed your name I was typing fast and wrote “Alana” LOL) …

    The author’s question, “Should we have new classes in church like Feeding: 101 and Using Your Own Fork?” is, sadly, too true!

    How can we change this?

  3. 2-20-2007

    Geoff and Heather,

    I’m glad this article challenged you like it did me. I think the answer is in making disciples.