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The Spirit, Ministry, and Theology…

Posted by on Feb 14, 2007 in blog links, spiritual gifts | 1 comment

Mark at “Gospel Driven Life” shares his thoughts concerning spiritual gifts in a blog called “Thoughts on gifts“. He makes some points that I have attempted to make from time to time. I especially appreciate his last paragraph:

What most strikes me is how little I have expectation and faith for the active working of the Spirit of God in a church and how much my heart drifts to a natural-ized view of ministry. I am learning to ask for God to work as we meet and am grateful that he does not give me according to my feeble faith. I am grateful the Holy Spirit does his work and our theology is not the measure of his activity.

This post is worth reading.

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  1. 2-14-2007

    I haven’t gone to the cited posts, yet, but I appreciate the quote you include here. I have found that I too often believed in gifts in accordance with my personal experience rather than taking God at His word. God has shown me how that was walking by sight rather than by faith. It is good that He works in spite of us, but our lack of faith definitely impacts our experience of Him, His gifts, and fruit.