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My daughter, the disciple…

Posted by on Feb 14, 2007 in discipleship | 12 comments

(This post is for my two Valentines: my wife and my daughter.)

My daughter is only 9 years old, but she already loves being a young woman. Last Christmas, she asked for a bread making machine and a sewing machine. Now, my wife is a great wife, but she does not make fresh bread (well, she does now), nor does she sew. But, my daughter loves these things. She also loves to knit and make cards for people (she did learn this from my wife).

A couple of evenings ago, we had the privelege of hosting some new friends in our home. Two of them were a young couple, only married for a short time. My daughter latched onto the young wife. She was very gracious and kind to my daughter, listening to her stories and looking at everything my daughter brought her.

I loved this image! Here was my daughter, “sitting at the feet” of an “older woman”. Whether my daughter realized it or not, she was seeking discipleship. She was seeking the friendship of an older woman, someone who could teach her what it means to be a young woman and a wife. This is not something that we have discussed with our daughter. I believe that this is something that the Spirit of God normally works in the hearts of his children: a desire to grow and to be nurtured by a more mature saint; to learn to follow Jesus from someone who is a few steps farther down the road; to listen to the voice of wisdom that comes from Scripture and experience.

My daughter has also had the chance to “sit at the feet” of another young woman: Leah. You may have seen comments by Leah on my blog. She blogs at “Our Payneful Memories“. Besides spending time with my wife, Leah has also spends time with my daughter, even picking her up from our house and sharing her life as a new wife and mother.

I pray that God will provide our daughter with many, many more opportunities to learn from his saints. She is already learning from the best disciple-maker that I know: her mother. From her mother she has learned what it means to care about people more than schedules or agendas.

I thank God for disciple makers like my wife and Leah and the other young woman I mentioned earlier. I also thank God for the work he is doing in my daughter’s life through these godly women.

Has God birthed in your heart a desire to learn from one of his children who may be more mature than you? If so, then seek to grow with them by sharing their life with them. Has God surrounded you with people who are less mature? Then share your life with them and teach them how to follow God by example as well as by word.


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  1. 2-14-2007

    Alan, A great post. So true. And so powerful. Yet too often, so little practiced among us. Though God, as you point out, is faithful. And we need to be open to this, on both ends. Thanks!

  2. 2-14-2007

    And blesssings on your daughter, wife- and all of us, as disciples and lovers of God and each other.

  3. 2-14-2007

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing … more later about discipling, but I just woke up so gotta go tend to my family 🙂


  4. 2-14-2007

    Ted and Heather,

    Thank you for the comments. May God provide many opportunities for both of you to make disciples.


  5. 2-14-2007

    Alan – yet another thing that I appreciate so much about the non-programmed interaction among believers. I have had such a blessed time learning from and being encouraged by your wife, all the while being able to interact with your daughter. There is beauty in the melding of families where believers of different ages and different stages can be in community with one another. I worry that I wouldn’t have those opportunities if our ministries were geared toward segregated age groups. My efforts to learn and to lead would have to be just that – effort. Now these relationships naturally occur as I fellowship with the church. Your family is a real blessing to mine.

  6. 2-14-2007


    My son and daughter are learning what it means to follow Jesus from many different people. They are learning through “teaching” as well as through watching people live their lives. I can’t think of a better “program” for discipleship. Thanks for your comment and for being a part of our lives.


  7. 2-14-2007

    Great post, Alan. I love to be around older people and particularly older servants of God. When you can just get them talking about their experiences you will often learn more than you will sitting in a classroom.

  8. 2-14-2007


    Thanks for the comment. Yes, we have much to learn from who walk ahead of us. This is certainly my desire for myself and my family.


  9. 2-14-2007

    What a proud father you must be, and how proud they surely are of you. This is an excellent Valentine and a well written reminder of how God works in and through us to bring us into a greater understanding of Him. My favorite lessons often come through my children. Thanks for sharing this one.

  10. 2-14-2007


    Yes, I am very proud of and thankful for my family. I am also thankful for those who are disciplining my family.


  11. 2-14-2007


    You know I am very intimidated being around others that I feel are more “spiritual” than me. Thank you for encouraging me to just share my daily life with other women. Thanks for showing me how God can use simple me to encourage other younger wives and mothers.

    I love you very much!

    P.S. I’m using Miranda’s bread machine to make pizza dough for tonight:)

  12. 2-14-2007


    Yes, I think God is using you to impact the lives of many women. (See Leah’s comment above, for example.)

    By the way, for my readers’ info, we did not have pizza with home-made dough. We had calzones with home-mode dough, and they were excellent!