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Living and Thinking in Community…

Posted by on Feb 15, 2007 in community | Comments Off

My good friend, Maël (from “The Adventures of Maël & Cindy” – although, in reality, Cindy is the adventurous one and Maël just records their adventures) posted a new blog called “Thinking in community…” In this post, Maël explores the idea of living and thinking together. His friend Guido seems pretty set in his ways, but Mandie is very wise and has much to add to the discussion – I say this from experience.

However, to be honest, I disagree with Maël in one point. Referring to himself and his wife, he said, “I, who love women, after all I married the best one out there,…” I agree that Cindy is a godly woman, but she is not the best. I married the best wife just over eighteen years ago.

Apart from that one point, Maël’s post is very thought-provoking. So, I ask you, how do we foster an atmosphere of community learning as well as community living?