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You have the words of eternal life…

Posted by on Jan 22, 2007 in blog links | 7 comments

Do you know the words of Jesus? Take the following quiz…


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  1. 1-22-2007


    B: 9/10 131.8s
    I: 6/10 163.4s
    A: 4/10 182.0s

    Some of those questions are too tough :).


  2. 1-22-2007


    I didn’t think people would post their results… but… B: 10/10, I: 9/10, A: 6/10. I don’t remember the times.


  3. 1-22-2007

    B: 10/10 64s
    I: 7/10 101s
    A: 3/10 124s

    looks like i need to study more.

  4. 1-22-2007

    I must be more in tune with the Holy Spirit, because some of those correct answers I got were pure guesses 😉

  5. 1-22-2007

    I had already posted my results on the other blog where I first saw this. I don’t remember my times, but it was 10, 9, 5.

  6. 1-22-2007

    How did that post??? I was trying to click on the place to leave my name!! That “anonymous” post was from me. How bizarre!

  7. 1-24-2007

    Thanks for the link!